A vote for Joe Waltz is a vote for our community!


Lock Haven

We need an advocate and a voice that works for us, the hard-working people of the 76th Legislative District.

We need a representative who will work for the betterment of the entire district.

A vote for Joe Waltz ensures that.

Joe Waltz has lived, worked, coached youth, taught school, and joined and supported community organizations in Clinton County throughout his life.

Mr. Waltz has deep roots in the 76th District, and a genuine commitment to people over politics.

Joe’s number one motivation is to help people, without regard to their age, religion, social status or political party.

Joe Waltz understands the real issues that face the 76th District, including agriculture, jobs, education and in general ensuring that our rural communities get fair representation in Harrisburg.

Joe Waltz is a caring man with integrity, who is motivated to improve the conditions of our district; communicate information that we need to know; unite and keep our communities safe and see, and support growth by fairly representing all the people who reside here.

A vote for Joe Waltz is a vote for our economy, our integrity, our safety, and a re-affirming of our status and consideration within state government.

Please join me in voting for Joe Waltz for 76th District state representative on Nov. 3.


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