Joe Waltz has earned my vote



As a Republican, earning my vote wasn’t easy, but Joe Waltz did just that with his transparency and willingness to listen to both Republicans and Democrats.

When I met with Joe, in an effort to inform my choice on Nov. 3, Joe demonstrated a deep local knowledge and genuine concern for the entire 76th District.

We discussed bridges, schools, taxes, internet service and a host of issues relevant to the area.

Joe walked me through a strong strategic plan that would address our challenges and maximize our strengths.

Moreover, I was struck by the fact that, although I am Republican and Joe is a Democrat, our hopes and goals for the 76th District are very similar.

I believe Joe has the skill and the will to represent the 76th District fairly and that he will work with an open mind, across the aisle, to deliver results.

I do not cast a vote lightly.

Joe has proven to me that he is the answer for both Republicans and Democrats of the 76th District.


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