Joe Waltz has roots in our district


Lock Haven

I have been a ditch digger, a dishwasher, a poultry farm chicken catcher, a college student, a factory worker, clerk, janitor, forest worker, office worker, and now I am retired.

I’ve made many close friends on the job and have good friends who are educators, administrators, farmers, supervisors, business owners, and those who work in the building and mechanical trades.

All of us, from laborer to professional, deserve responsive and responsible representation in Harrisburg! We need to bring our hard earned tax dollars back to our district in the form of economic growth, job opportunities, infrastructure improvement, health care, safety and protection of our natural resources and beauty.

Our current 76th District representative has to address many pressing issues, not just her few personal preferences. We need an advocate and a voice for us, the hard-working people of the 76th Legislative District. We need a representative whose roots are here.

Roots– Think of a giant oak tree with deep, strong roots that fan out in a wide pattern and grip the soil with a loving embrace. Joe Waltz was raised on a small farm in central Pennsylvania by working class parents. He has lived, worked, taught school, joined and supported civic organizations here in Clinton County almost his whole life. Joe Waltz has made many close and supportive true friends who have his back. Joe has deep, strong roots in the 76th District, and a genuine commitment to people over politics. His number one motivation is to help people, without regard to their politics; just ask anyone who knows him. Joe Waltz has done heavy labor and farm work, as well as being an educator for 34 years. His roots run deep in our Central Pennsylvania ground.

I myself have been rooted in Clinton County for 76 years, and I urge ditch diggers, chicken catchers and everyone else to join me in voting for Joe Waltz.

Vote for our 76th District’s future.


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