Joe Waltz is our best choice for the 76th District


Mill Hall

We have two candidates running for state representative for the 76th District, Joe Waltz and our current representative. Joe Waltz, who has lived and worked in our area for nearly 50 years, understands the real issues that face the 76th District, including agriculture, jobs, education and in general ensuring that our rural communities get fair representation in Harrisburg. He is a decent man with integrity and principles, motivated to improve the conditions of our district while fairly representing all the people who reside here.

Our current representative has demonstrated a limited understanding of a number of issues important to our district and has achieved very little during her two-year term. Since serving the district she has dragged us to the extreme right and has chosen to represent a limited proportion of citizens, while ignoring the voices of the majority.

Her belief is that the way to protect citizens from the coronavirus is to discourage them from wearing face masks, now seen as the most effective way to protect ourselves from contracting the virus. Her role in supporting the impeachment of our governor for the efforts he has made to keep us safe is indefensible.

Who has she helped?

Joe Waltz deserves your vote. He intends to focus on a wider range of important issues directly relevant to the needs of this district. These include positive plans for protecting our environment, making our district more competitive with access to high speed internet, protecting our children’s education and focusing on the health of the community. His opponent’s platform contains very little of real benefit to the citizens of the 76th district.

So please, Vote, Vote, Vote for Joe Waltz to restore authentic representation for the people of the 76th district!

To learn more about Joe stop into the Democratic Headquarters at 108 Bellefonte Ave Lock Haven. Remember the deadline to register to vote is Oct. 19.


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