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In 2008 I was registered as an independent voter. Along with millions of other Americans, I was taken in by the sweet talk of Obama. I voted Democratic. Prior to the 2012 election, I changed my political affiliation to Republican. I could see the direction the Democratic party was taking America and I did not agree with it.

Under the reign of Obama-Biden our country was being sold down the river. Obama was touring other countries and apologizing for America’s greatness. He gave billions of taxpayers’ money to Iran while they were chanting death to America. Biden and son had their dealings with Ukraine and China. Let’s not forget Hillary’s Benghazi and email debacle while secretary of state on the Obama-Biden watch.

President Trump was never under scrutiny from Democrats and hold-over Republicans since before he was elected. He has brought this country back to greatness against all odds, I believe. The coronavirus was inflicted upon us by communist China, yet there are people who blame Trump. I am not naive enough to think our president is perfect, but I do understand his frustration. He says a lot of things that according to the establishment are not politically correct. I can imagine what I might say if I were getting attacked by the Democrats and the radical left on a daily basis. He is not a career politician and is not beholden to anyone except the American people. He will keep this country safe, secure and strong.

Bloomberg and other Democrats are spending millions to allow convicted felons to vote. Who do you think they will vote for? That is why Democrats want open borders — for votes. Once the Democrats want absolute power over us and want us to rely on government for our survival, enter socialism.

A Republican vote is a vote for the survival of America and our freedoms. Do not let the far left and Democrats take control of your life and the lives of your children and grandchildren. We need to stop their radical agenda. The outcome of this election means more than ever before. Go to the polls and vote in person to help ensure that your vote is counted.

God bless America.


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