Make America decent again


State College

I’m voting for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris:

Because climate change is real.

Because 65 million Americans deserve their Social Security.

Because gun violence can be prevented.

Because health care is a human right.

Because social justice matters for all.

Because we need clean air, and the Clean Air Act has been eliminated under Trump.

Because we need safe drinking water, and the Safe Drinking Water Act has been eliminated under Trump.

Because our Democracy depends on it.

Because our children deserve better.

Because Trump divides us while Biden unites us.

Because we need a President who works for all of us.

Because the truth matters.

I could list so many more reasons, but above all, I want to have a President whose behavior doesn’t set a terrible example for our children and grandchildren.

Please join me in taking the first crucial step in helping to make America decent again. Vote for Biden/Harris.


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