My experience with the 76th District office


Lock Haven

I would like to share an experience I had when going for assistance to the office of Stephanie Borowicz, our 76th District state representative.

I got my rent rebate application in the mail this year and needed help filling it out. I went to the state representative’s office for help where a lady came out and saw me through a window.

I explained why I was there. The lady asked if this was the first time I’d gotten the form and when I said no she said that I should know what to do then.

She said she could not help me and turned me away.

I have problems with my memory and just needed some assistance with a form to claim the rebate.

I would not have gone if I hadn’t needed the help. In the past I went to Mike Hanna’s office where they always happily helped me with the form for me get the rebate.

I did not ask her why they couldn’t help me, as I was too embarrassed to ask. She seemed to scoff at my request for help.

I turned and left the office feeling humiliated and ashamed, believing I was unworthy of help. I did send in the form but it was returned due to not having filled in all the information correctly.

So this year I did not get my rent rebate, which would have given me a much needed $250 that I planned to use to buy new tires for my car, needed for inspection. I walked in not knowing anything about Stephanie Borowicz being either a Republican or Democrat, just thinking that she was there to help people. I walked out in tears. I wasn’t planning on using the money for a vacation; I just needed help to make my car safe to drive so I could get to work and continue to do my volunteer work in the community. It really upset me to be turned away like that and not get the money I need for a basic necessity. I counted on the state representative’s office for guidance and assistance.

I thought the office was supposed to be a resource for constituents when they need help, especially for someone with a medical disability. I never thought my opinion mattered that much. I wasn’t even planning to vote but this experience alone has made me rethink the need to vote. I was disappointed with Stephanie Borowicz and didn’t know what I could do about it.

Now I know that it is important to vote, especially for someone who cares about people in need. I’m learning that my vote will make a difference on Nov. 3. I plan to vote for Joe Waltz.


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