New jobs


Lock Haven

While no one can deny that any development and new jobs are positive changes to our area, we need to take measures to ensure that new projects are implemented with an emphasis on safety and sustainability.

The proposed Keystate Natural Gas synthesis plant promises to bring 150 permanent new jobs to our area and would take advantage of the Marcellus Shale’s abundant natural gas supply.

However, it should be noted that the refining process has many potential dangers if not properly overseen and fail-safes implemented. It is imperative that safeguards are put in place and that there is significant oversight to protect our community. We as locals should have our voices and concerns heard and represented on a risk-mitigating committee.

As of now our current representative has declined to take part in such a committee, while simultaneously being listed by the Keystate company as a public sector stakeholder and voting on passing HB1100 which proposes to grant $1 billion in direct support to companies like Keystate.

Without question, the construction and operation of this plant will provide many benefits to this community. But we need to ensure that refining process is conducted safely.

I feel confident that Joe Waltz would listen to the community concerns and would speak for us to ensure the coming plant is safe for everyone.


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