Shifting principles



As the November election approaches, Joe Biden appears to shift his principles. During the Democrat Party debates, he was foursquare to ban fracking. Now he wouldn’t.

Didn’t want to lose Pennsylvania and Ohio votes.

He was coy on packing the Supreme Court. Now he says it’s a bad idea. Really? His party likes the move, as does his running mate. And she was recently on a televised talk show touting Black Lives Matter as a movement not to go away, no matter the election. The naked threat is there. If you saw the burnings and killings of this summer, look for more of it, no matter who wins but especially if the other side wins.

She smiles while delivering her fascist screed.

It’s ugly to think of BLM and Antifa members and criminals with firearms while a Democrat administration and a Democrat Congress destroy the 2nd Amendment. Murderers won’t turn in their firearms.

And abortion on demand, even to killing the baby after delivery, as the Virginia governor described it is even uglier.

Recently a Black organization over the internet complained about White families adopting Black children. That it was a form of “cultural appropriation,” or some such. Any family that adopts a child, no matter of what skin color, deserves credit, not discredit.

Let’s use our heads for more than to keep our ears apart.


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