The importance of debates


Mill Hall

I attended the Christian Coalition debate held earlier this week at the Clinton County Courthouse for the candidates for the 76th state House District seat, the 25th state Senate District seat and the Pennsylvania 12th District seat for U.S. Congress.

All candidates, Republican and Democrat, were present with the exception of Ms. Stephanie Borowicz, the current incumbent for our 76th District.

Ms. Borowicz was quarantined and presented a short taped message to the assembled voters prior to the proceedings. I find it strange that Ms. Borowicz could not take the time to participate in this most basic of democratic exercises. Has she or her associates not heard of ZOOM?

This ubiquitous application would have provided her a platform to answer the questions posed by the moderator.

Once again, Ms. Borowicz has failed to show up for a debate.

The purpose of a debate, the bedrock of American democracy, is to inform the electorate.

An informed voter is an empowered voter who can make intelligent choices about the matters that mean the most to themselves, their families and their community. Candidates, whether the incumbent or the challenger, who fail to show up to debate the issues abrogate their responsibility to the voters and also to their own supporters. Incumbent representatives, who are our employees, owe their constituents and their own supporters the courtesy of at least showing up to discuss issues important to all citizens. Open, honest and respectable debates are the lifeblood of our representative democracy.

Joe Waltz has been to every debate.

He answers questions on topics ranging from internet access, mail in ballots, health care, tax reform and education among others. Joe listens. He listens to all voters and makes time to meet with citizens regardless of party or point of view.

Joe Waltz is a good and honest man. It’s time to hire a new employee to represent our 76th District.


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