The importance of everyone’s vote in this 2020 election

(Editor’s Note: The letter below corrects a mistake made by The Express when publishing a letter wrongly attributed to the author in the Monday, Oct. 12, edition.The Express apologizes for the mistake.)


South Hadley, Mass.

Well its almost here, election 2020, a time to reflect on a year that will never be forgotten anytime soon, a year filled with sacrifice, heartache, hope, and human kindness.

This past year has shown all Americans within every state of our country what happens when people rally together as one, to protect one another, to voice opinions about both justices and in some cases what seems to be an injustice.

We have seen rallies to protect our rights, we have seen marches to protect our constitution, and sadly rioting that brought more sadness to an already trying year for all of us.

We have seen sporting events without fans, masks become the new norm and, days, weeks, and months, of countless support by people helping people get through this year.

We have had a mostly virtual 50th anniversary of Earth Day to bring awareness to help save our planet and create programs that are truly aimed at bringing positive changes to our future and the world.

We have seen how elected officials have come to the forefront and have shown their ability to lead and help their states and communities.

Sadly we have also seen how some elected officials just kept their focus on their agendas to further promote themselves, rather than do what they were elected to do.

It is important for everyone who is registered to vote this year to rally together as one and bring back normalcy to our country.

Where we truly work together to make our country come back together as one.


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