Tired of Trump bashing children of illegal immigrants


Mill Hall

I read the recent letter to the editor by Paul Kettlewell, “Trump’s policy harms children,” and I have done some fact checking.

Here is what I have come up with. Mr. Kettlewell has blamed Trump for separating parents (illegal immigrants) and their children at the U.S. border.

First off, President Trump did not start the separation of parents and children. That was started under the Obama administration.

Second, as a parent, I am aware that if I break the law and go to jail, they will not send my children with me. The child would go to foster care or a shelter. As do illegal immigrants.

Third, most of the children taken from these people (illegal immigrants) the adults were not the parents. So these adults bring the child. Did you ever think, what happens to the children once the adult doesn’t need them anymore?

It was OK for Obama, but then Trump is blamed for it. Trump is looking for ways to fix the problem, and he is the bad guy?

Democrats could fix their “Forced Family Break-up at the Border: By working with republicans on new legislation, for a change. This is why we need to vote Republican in November.

Democrats are good at three things, high taxes, high crime rate and obstruction. If you are so worried about the children of illegal immigrants work with Republicans, find a better solution.

The Declaration of Independence was written for the U.S. citizens, not illegal immigrants. I don’t think it is wrong to put someone in jail for committing a crime (illegal immigration).

I also don’t think that children should be punished for their parents mistakes. That is why parents and children are separated.

Yet, Mr. Kettlewell, the same thing happens to U.S. citizens and their children, and you don’t seem to care. United States citizens commit crimes, go to jail and their children go to foster care or shelters, but that seems to be OK with you.


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