Why I am voting


Lock Haven

Every election cycle, we all see the same thing. Candidates bashing each other and talking about their opponents’ flaws instead of touting their own policies and what they have to offer. I hear the same complaints every cycle. People don’t want to hear the negativity and partisanship. They want to know how their lives will be impacted by the candidates and what their priorities are.

This election is different. We have witnessed a campaign that has given us exactly that.

This election I’m voting for the life and sustainability of Lock Haven University.

I’m voting for a better partnership between our State Representative and our local school districts.

I’m voting to rebuild our downtowns and small businesses.

I’m voting for equal representation for everyone in the 76th District regardless of party affiliation, race, gender, sexual orientation or religion.

I’m voting for grants and funding for our area.

I’m voting for improved bridges, roads and infrastructure.

I’m voting for affordable healthcare for everyone.

I’m voting for transparency and accountability.

I’m voting to condemn racism and hate.

I’m voting for a representative that will show up and speak to all constituents and the media to keep us informed.

I’m voting for funding for our 911 center and emergency responders.

I’m voting to put the 76th District in the news for all the right reasons.

I’m voting to put an end to partisan bickering and politics.

I’m voting to bring all constituents of the 76th District together to work for a better tomorrow.

Joe Waltz cares about everyone and their struggles because he understands them. Joe has run an exceptionally positive campaign because that’s the kind of person he is. He has worked every day to put 110% into the campaign, and I know that’s the kind of Representative he will be. That’s why I’m voting for Joe Waltz.


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