Constitutional public welfare


Whiting, N.J.

What is a fundamental purpose of our government? Our Constitution, in part, promote the general welfare. Succinctly put: Keep us safe. Are we? February 2020, this administration was telling the public that COVID-19, a mere “flu,” was under control, it would be gone by Easter and that anything contrary was a hoax. Many Americans believed and relied upon this and it continues to cause resistance to a safety request, namely, wear a mask. Simultaneously the same administration was telling Bob Woodward that it was a serious contagious disease. It wasn’t just a flu. We now accept over 220,000 deaths as something which just happened, and another 1,000 per day to get over it. When this is passed on by the media, we are annoyed for picking on our “strong leader.” If someone in the scientific community gives us contradictory information, they are not a “team player.”

My problem: Nothing I have said is “my opinion.”

Unfortunately, it is factually true. What remains is the belief regarding this conman and what he has done. Irrespective of facts, he continues to be revered as a leader who has accomplished much. How about the fundamental purpose of our government — safety.


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