Dead horses



Obama didn’t kill coal and Biden won’t kill fracking. Coal declined in spite of an increasing population because other sources of energy were more cost-effective and cleaner. When you price in the cost of burning half of California to the ground and washing away the Gulf Coast, fossil fuels become very expensive indeed. Windmills and solar panels are popping up everywhere and we get closer to working fusion reactors by the day.

The world is changing, as it does from time to time. The Army of the Potomac had 20,000 horses at Gettysburg and more than a million horses died in the Civil War. The Army currently has 176 horses.

Almost every major auto maker has electric cars in its fleet. Harley Davidson is selling an electric motorcycle. Electric cars get better with each model year. Before long the internal combustion engine will become an expensive hobby, as most horse ownership is today. Gas stations will slowly be replaced by charging stations.

We have to learn to live on the planet we have because we’re not going to get another one sometime soon.


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