Defending Democracy together



It shouldn’t be difficult to stand up for democracy in this country. I’m a Republican, but I’m not afraid to admit Joe Biden won Pennsylvania.

By denying this, President Trump is asking fellow Republicans whether they stand with him or whether they stand with democracy.

Many have rolled over, but not our Pennsylvania state Senate Majority Leader now Senate Pro-Tempore Jake Corman or our House Majority Leader Kerry Benninghoff.

They deserve a round of applause for standing firm against radical calls to overturn the election.

Only in 2020 can it be controversial to say that the candidate who received the most votes won the election, but sometimes it takes bravery to say the obvious.

I’m happy Sen. Corman and Rep. Benninghoff have made it clear that they’ll play no role in Pennsylvania’s election.

More Republicans should follow their lead.

(Sarah Becker is a Republican from Mechanicsburg and a former White House staffer for President George W. Bush)


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