Here is why COVID-19 spikes in Pennsylvania


White Hall, Md.

We live in Maryland but are originally from Central PA.

We live very close to the southern border, below York, and go across the border into Pennsylvania frequently to shop. Here in Maryland it is “the norm” for everyone to wear a facemask or shield and to social distance. It has been since the COVID-19 virus started.

When we go north to Pennsylvania, it is like stepping back in time: Before the virus came to be.

Many Pennsylvania businesses do not follow Gov. Tom Wolf’s guidelines. York County commissioners will not enforce the problems that are brought to their attention. People seem to care less about others and openly refuse to wear facemasks or social distance.

This gets worse the further north you travel. The smaller the store, it seems, the less people care about protecting themselves and others. If you don’t believe this, come to Maryland and see for yourselves.

I don’t know if people feel it isn’t macho or it is not accepted by their political party or what.

We are all Americans and we all should be safety conscious of others.

The COVID-19 virus is getting worse everyday in southern and central Pennsylvania.

If you wonder why, ask the person who is in your stores shopping or at a farm auction and not wearing a mask.

It isn’t rocket science; it is just common courtesy and common sense.


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