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In response to thelettter to the editor by Dennis Golas (Nov. 10, “It’s time to heal and move forward”) and anyone who thinks like he does, the election is not over.

We, as of yet, do not have a winner. Due to fake news (reporters calling the election) and the hate in the Democratic party, and their past five years of behavior, I refuse to accept Joe Biden as my president.

In my opinion, the Democratic party has proved that it would sell America to the highest bidder.

Bill and Hillary Clinton sold us out to NAFTA. Obama shipped planes full of money to countries that hate us, and apologized for us winning wars that we did not start.

The Democratic party tried to frame President Trump with Russian collusion. Then the Democratic party tried to impeach President Trump. The man has done nothing but fight for the American people, even those who try to destroy him. Then President Trump tries to help the American people with stimulus checks.

Who stopped that? I say the Democratic party stopped that. The Democrats know that America is in a crisis, but so far as I’m concerned, they don’t care.

They only care about their own agenda. I would love to see America come together in harmony, the way we used to be. I don’t think that is possible until the Democratic party grows up and stops the temper tantrums, burning cities, looting, etc.

I feel certain that I speak for 75% of Americans when I say that we will unite under President Trump. It’s time to honor the American vote


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