Spreading false information



In the mid to late 1940s, when I attended St. Peter’s Elementary School in Mt. Carmel, the Felician Sisters, who taught there, all loved to tell a story based on a old Jewish parable, “A Sack Full of Feathers.”

It made an indelible impression on my young mind that remains vivid to this day. The story the nuns told us was this.

A rabbi hears of a youngster spreading lies. He gives the boy a sack of feathers and tells him to go on the roof of his house on a breezy day and slit the pillow open so that all the feathers are taken up by the wind. He also asks him to come back to see him after he does. The child returns and the rabbi tells him to go collect all the feathers. The obvious lesson of the exercise immediately strikes the child.

During his presidency, Donald Trump has uttered over 23,000 specific documented lies. Trump supporters have concocted and spread innumerable false and personally damaging narratives about pseudo-scandals and false story lines like the Vince Foster suicide, John Kerry’s Swift Boat smear campaign, Barack Obama’s birth certificate, Seth Rich’s murder and WikiLeaks connections, Mike Flynn’s unmasking scandal, Spygate, Pizzagate, and Hunter Biden’s laptop, rigged elections. mail-in fraud and conspiratorial pollsters… discredited hit jobs one and all. To this day, many members of Trump’s base reflexively call any rebuttals of these lies and fabrications “Fake News.”

During the past four years, Donald Trump’s falsehoods and bogus scandals have been repeated on conservative broadcast and social media countless times to countless recipients.

These lies and slanders are a sack of feathers irretrievably spread on the digital winds of our worldwide communication systems.


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