Systemic integrity


Lock Haven

In regard to the current election results, it is important to consider a few things. In every municipality, county, and state there are poll workers, paid employees, Boards of Elections, and very precise records, both by hand and by machine, documenting every step of the election.

While it may be concerning that some uncounted ballots were found this is not unusual for such an election. It is also important to note that throughout the country and in every situation there are both Democrats and Republicans working together to complete the process and the count. No one party dominates the process.

When an election is close, perhaps it is valid to recount votes, even a good thing when we are talking about something so important as a Presidential election. It is important to hold everyone accountable to doing the job right but to count, recount, and then count again for a third time does not seem reasonable.

Creating turmoil across the country when the arguments are not recognized by any court is counterproductive, especially when it is an intentionally disruptive strategy planned even before the election. In this case Joe Biden won the popular vote by almost 6 million votes.

A few votes may be found here and there but not nearly enough to change the result. Even loyal Republicans are now speaking up saying enough is enough.

The only result of this hopeless search for a win is that it hurts the process, it hurts confidence in our system, and it hurts the people. A smooth transition has always been a point of pride for us. If President Trump truly loves this country isn’t it time for him to assist the President elect, as all of his predecessors have done, so that President-Elect Biden is better able to serve all of the American people?


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