Checking the facts



I am writing in response to Bryan Shade’s letter to the editor, “World relief” (fact checker.)

Mr. Shade caught my attention around Christmas time with a letter to the editor he titled, “Christmas gift ideas.”

No gift ideas, it was just an angry, mostly factless, political rant.

But that is the Trump-publican way, after all.

In his new letter he mistakenly thinks he has the authority to speak for all residents of Clinton County.

I am a new voter, but I am unaware of any public office that he was elected to that would grant him such liberties.

As a resident of Clinton County, I would like to say he does NOT speak for me.

I do believe the people of Clinton County live in reality.

I’m afraid Mr. Shade is confused about what our reality is in our small town. I cannot speak for all the residents of Clinton County. I would never be naive enough to think everyone thinks the same as me.

What happens in Washington, D.C. has very little impact on my life.

I am going to have to work every day until retirement, or death. I am hoping for retirement.

I still haven’t gotten any of those free things Mr. Shade said all us liberals get. No matter what happens in D.C., I still have to raise my children, provide for them and protect them.

No matter my differences with D.C., life goes on. That’s my reality.

I don’t have to alienate neighbors, or throw metaphoric punches at those who don’t see things the way I do, spew hate speech on Christmas.

He blamed the Democratic party for delaying the relief bill. FACT is, that relief bill sat on his president’s desk for days while he was golfing.

That’s the facts. Check that one.

I am disgusted by politicians who, after the attack on the Capitol, still objected to the certification and still insist on saying the election was fraudulent.

I wonder if their children and grandchildren are proud of them?

At Christmas time he labeled anyone who doesn’t think like him a liberal. In his newest letter we are all socialists.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but Joe Biden WON the election, not Bernie. Some people say it was the greatest election ever. I just want it to be known that Mr. Shade does not speak for me.


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