Election 2020


Troy, Va.

No one, regardless of whether they support or oppose Mr. Trump, can honestly argue that he brought the country together. It is time to move toward healing our splintered nation. I am confident that the vast majority of Americans want a United (not Disunited) States of America.

For those who want to further divide us, I suggest leaving the U.S.A. (Please note, I am not recommending secession which did not work out very well.) During the 1960s the political right taunted the left with the chant: “America, love or leave it!” Perhaps it is time for the far right to consider emigrating; as if any country would take them.

To true conservatives, I say, “We need and want you here.” We need political balance. We do not need any one faction to dominate our country. We need compromise. We do not need violence. We need to reconnect to our humanity and treat each other with kindness.

But make no mistake, the most immediate threat to a balanced America is Trumpism, in my opinion. The Republican Party must purge itself of extreme Trumpists, most of whom are reactionaries masquerading as conservatives. Encourage them to leave the Republican Party. They want to turn the clock back to racism, religious fanaticism, nativism and rapacious economic policy.

They embrace conspiracy theory instead of facts.

Trumpists could honestly name their new faction the Reactionary Party. Perhaps it would adopt as its symbol the extinct beast of a bygone era — the wooly mammoth. Reactionaries could name their symbol “MastoDon” … unruly hair, threatening twisted tusks and a vicious demeanor would fit.

Now that Mr. Trump left the bully pulpit, Senate Republicans may feel it is safe to follow the lead of Rep. Liz Cheney: Convict Donald Trump, our most divisive president, so that the United States can move toward less domestic turmoil and a commitment to our common humanity.

And, let us bring Thomas Jefferson’s words into the 21st Century by embracing a one word change in the Declaration of Independence: “We hold these truths to be self-evident; that all people are created equal.”


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