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Laziness is a choice. A lazy person chooses that lack-of-lifestyle. They do it deliberately and arrogantly. They think they are entitled to be lazy while putting a financial burden on either friends, relatives, future spouses, future in-laws, taxpayers or a combination of those victims of the crime of laziness.

Yes, self-chosen laziness is a crime against a capitalist economic system in a representative Republic. Lazy people drain the assets, income and savings of the people they mooch and leech from.

They are supplied with every thing they need to live with, no promise of paying their benefactors back. And most of the time, their benefactors are complacent and enablers to their laziness.

In these times there are a lot of job opportunities available. Self-ordained lazy people should get off their lazy butts and get a job. If not, their benefactors and enablers should kick them out. We all know a least one lazy person.

I do.


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