Lots of blame to go around



Jan. 6 will be remembered as one of the darkest days for American democracy. Insurrectionists, directed and urged on by Donald Trump, attacked the U.S. Congress in an effort to overturn his election defeat.

But make no mistake: Trump wasn’t alone in fomenting the violent mob that left one police officer dead, 50+ others injured, and faith in our elections in tatters! Pennsylvania’s Republican lawmakers chose to help spread voter fraud lies.

When asked by the Philadelphia Inquirer what role his own unproven claims of widespread voter fraud in Pennsylvania played in the Jan. 6 riots, Senator Corman absurdly said they didn’t play “any role.” The newspaper rated that statement “Pants on Fire.”

Pennsylvanians who traveled to Washington and stormed the Capitol did so believing the election was rigged and stolen. Our local lawmakers knew better, but refused to set them straight.

Those who participated in the coup attempt must face harsh consequences.

Those who supported farcical claims of voter fraud that led to the mayhem — Congressmen Glenn Thompson and Fred Keller and state lawmakers Sen. Jake Corman and Rep. Kerry Benninghoff — you should resign.

In what Trump’s own officials declared “the most secure election in history,” 81 million voters decided it was time to change course!

But instead of working to unite Pennsylvanians, Corman and Benninghoff are now attempting to gerrymander our state courts and eliminate the governor’s emergency powers–with zero opportunity for citizen input.

Sen. Corman and Rep. Benninghoff: It’s long past time you tell the truth!


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