Neither lawful nor orderly


Lock Haven

I was deeply disappointed to see the headline that The Lock Haven Express chose to accompany the Associated Press article about the insurrection at the US Capitol on January 6. A quick internet search reveals dozens of other possibilities; even something as simple as “Mob Storms Capitol” would have been both accurate and nonpartisan.

However, the use of the heavily politicized (and rather uninformative) expression “law and order” in a headline is harmful in two ways.

First, quoting the remarks tweeted by President Trump during the rampage implies tacit approval of his possible provocation of the violence that shook our nation.

Second, and undoubtedly more damaging, was the callback to Nixon and Reagan’s use of the expression “law and order” to refer to their view of criminal justice “reform.”

This movement is widely believed to have contributed to mass incarceration of black and brown people since the 1960s. Support of the concept has also sustained the centuries-long pervasive White supremacy that was clearly displayed on Jan. 6, a domestic terrorism situation that, to be certain, was neither lawful nor orderly.


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