No to Gerrymandering the courts in Pennsylvania


Pennsylvania Furnace

We Pennsylvanian’s are rightfully proud of our state’s role in birthing democracy. After all, the Declaration of Independence was written and adopted here. But have we become complacent? Have we assumed our democratic governance could be put on autopilot, placing too much trust in elected representatives once we’ve sent them to Harrisburg?

Consider this. In the last two weeks our state Legislature has (1) Adopted rules of operation that muzzle our elected representatives and allow its top leaders to rule with an iron fist and (2) Moved forward House Bill 38 which changes the state constitution to allow the gerrymandered election of state judges. This will solidify the majority party’s long-term grip on power by politicizing and then influencing decisions made by our state courts.

I think I heard someone gallop by late last night shouting “Authoritarianism’s coming! Authoritarianism’s coming!”

We can’t let that happen. The leaders in our state government need to hear from us that we expect our state legislature to operate as a democracy and with full transparency. Further, we need to tell them unequivocally that we will not stand for the political takeover of our state courts through bills like House Bill 38.

If we can’t practice democracy in our own state government then how can we ever expect democracy to function properly in Washington?

In the state House contact Speaker Bryan Cutler, Majority Leader Kerry Benninghoff and your own state representative. In the Senate call President Jake Corman, and Majority Leader Kim Ward.

Say no to judicial gerrymandering!


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