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Currently, COVID-19 ranks as the leading cause of death in adults in the United States (above heart disease and cancer), and the third leading cause of death for children.

No age group has been spared. Four thousand Americans are dying daily.

The RNA vaccines manufactured by Pfizer and Moderna are safe and effective with a 95% prevention of MILD COVID-19 disease and are 100% effective when preventing SEVERE COVID-19 disease. Antibodies produced after receiving these vaccines last longer than 6 months.

Patients who get MILD COVID-19 disease (loss of smell, loss of appetite, cold-like symptoms) or are asymptomatic produce low levels of antibodies that disappear in 60-90 days and these patients can get the virus again which can be life-threatening the second time around.

Masks are effective but obviously not enough.

The only way to protect all adults at all ages and all children age 16 and above is to receive this life-saving vaccine.

As a physician and geriatrician treating patients in the hospital, office, assisted living facilities, and nursing homes, I have witnessed the devastation caused by this disease process first-hand. I received my vaccine with no side effects and I strongly urge everyone to get yours as soon as the vaccine becomes available to your age group or work group.

These statistics are quoted from Journal of the American Medical Association on Jan. 12, 2021.


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