Silence can be deadly


Jersey Shore

On Monday, Jan. 4, I approached the entrance to the Weis Store in Lock Haven but came to an abrupt halt; a man not wearing a mask was right at the entrance, chatting loudly with the cart clerk. After about a half a minute, he finally entered the store, still without a mask.

The clerk did not say a word to him about being without a mask.

Senate and House Republicans still, with few exceptions, maintain their silence about Trump, no matter what he does or says.

The silence of the Weis clerk (no doubt a policy of Weis’) in the face of a possible danger to the health of other patrons of the store, and the silence of Republicans in the face of his dangerous insanity, show, respectively, (1) that Weis management puts the fear of losing patrons above concern for human health, and (2) that Republican politicians put the fear of losing an election above concern for democracy.

We live in desperate, immoral times.


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