Throwing fuel on the fire


New Columbia

Our current U.S. Rep. Fred Keller will be forever linked to the violent assault on the U.S. Capitol and our democracy. It is fitting that his op-ed column of Jan. 6 defending his failed attempt to thwart a free and fair election appeared the same day as the assault.

We will now watch the next few months as Fred tries to distance himself from the misfits and anarchists who assaulted our democracy. He will downplay his own role instigating the crazed domestic terrorists. He will tell us how outraged he is with the violence and how it has no place in our discourse.

However, Keller is personally responsible for creating the false narrative of widespread election fraud among the extremes of his party. His official Facebook page is filled with goofy conspiracy theories from his most ardent followers. Not once has Fred challenged any of those false assertions on his own social media page. For two months Fred has remained silent as the president promoted false election fraud claims and refused to accept the outcome. He has appeared on multiple far right news channels recently for the purpose of dividing rather than uniting. The only reason many of his constituents question the outcome of the election is because the President said there was fraud and Fred did not tell them the truth. Fred threw fuel on the fire with this omission.

It’s long past the time for Congressmen Keller to denounce misinformation that pits our countrymen one from another. Fred has hitched his wagon to a mad man, and now he should pay the price with a strong primary challenge. The good people of Central Pennsylvania are for the greater part politically conservative. However, they are not foolish and are exhausted with the divisiveness Fred promotes. They deserve a congressman with honesty and integrity. Something sorely missing from Fred Keller’s portfolio.

(Don Wilver Jr. is a White Deer Township supervisor in Union County.)


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