Perhaps the most overused political term is “transparency.” So what exactly is transparency?

Transparency means freely giving access. It means being open, with nothing to hide. I would like to share observations regarding the President’s transparency considering not only recent events, but his entire four-year term. I think it’s fair to say that most Americans knew who Donald Trump was before he entered the political arena with the famous golden escalator ride into the atrium of his Trump Tower skyscraper in Manhattan.

We watched with amusement and bewilderment at times, as this political novice attempted to swim amongst seasoned professionals. He was given next to no chance of defeating Hillary Clinton in the 2016, yet he did just that. This led to over a year of public whining and excuse-making by avid Hillary supporters.

The bulk of his “Make America Great Again” rhetoric included the need to build a wall on our southern border; to build up our military; to resist unfair trade practices of China; to bring jobs back to America; renegotiate the Iran nuclear deal; lower taxes for middle-class Americans and eliminate burdensome and antiquated regulations to free American entrepreneurship, to name a few.

What did the Democrat leadership do in the name of unity or compromise with the newly elected president? Did they request meetings to deliberate or better understand the president’s vision for America? No, instead they launched an investigation into to his alleged connection to Russian oligarchs. The culmination of this was the April 18, 2019 Mueller Report, which contained no evidence of the claims of Democrats. At last, the “witch hunt” is over. But not so fast, we now enter the Ukraine “quid pro quo” phone call era.

What was Trump’s response? He turned over the transcript of that call for all to see. Now that’s transparency. At least this fizzled quicker than Russia-gate and cost the American taxpayer less.

How is it that political harassment from the left seems too oft launched by “unnamed anonymous sources” in contrast to Trump’s willingness to regularly face the aggressive questions and innuendo from reporters such as CNN’s Jim Acosta?

The Democrats failed twice to produce any tangible evidence to either of these two non-scandals that dominated the news cycle for over three years. Democrat Adam Schiff assured Americans he had indisputable evidence of the president’s misbehavior to justify impeachment and removal from office. Why has Schiff still not presented that evidence or revealed his anonymous source?

Is this transparency? I think not. Next move: Impeach the president anyhow. The charge was “abuse of power and obstruction of Congress.” Stated simply, he did not help the Democrats in the House of Representatives convict him for a non-crime.

In the spirit of transparency, I ask when exactly did the impeachment fervor start? Was it on Jan. 9, 2019, shortly after the swearing-in of Democrat freshman Rashida Tlaib, who said “We’re gonna impeach the mother….” when responding to a question regarding her priorities?

She said this in the presence of her adolescent son while cameras where rolling. Or was it July 2017 when Democrat Reps. Brad Sherman of California and Al Green of Texas filed an article charging Trump obstructed justice two months after the president fired then-FBI director James Comey?

There was indeed collaboration among top Democrat strategists to impeach Trump before he took office in January 2017. Do not misinterpret my opining as total blind support of President Trump, but rather critical thinking of what he has done for America. The Democrats have made the ongoing mistake of believing that Trump supporters are mindless, programmed robots who adore his crass behavior. The truth is Trump supporters are not monolithic; quite the opposite. Trump supporters are middle-class family folk, young, old, outdoorsman, business owners, factory workers, clergy, Amish, Latino, Afro-American, tradespeople, homemakers, Christians, agnostics, law enforcement officers, doctors, dentists, nurses and daycare workers. In summary Trump supporters are American-loving citizens who simply want options to provide for themselves and their families. They did not elect Trump as some sort of savior, nor because they loved his personality. Instead it was because of his vision for America. Because of Trump’s transparency, we see all of his imperfections, but we see them and know what we are dealing with.

In 2020, we endured an ongoing pandemic, assaults on police and cries to defund them from the left. We have seen death to multiple black people at the hands of police. I remind us of these two truths: White people died at the hands of police, as well as black people.

Wrong behavior is not exclusive to white, black, Democrat or Republican. It is the result of sin, which left unchecked multiplies and becomes evil. Evil is exceedingly difficult to put back in the bottle once released. The first step in correcting sinful behavior is to first admit it exists. You cannot fix sin for anybody but yourself and that is a difficult and ongoing task.

Transparency shines the light of truth on events and issues. My challenge to my Democrat counterparts is to stop hiding the truth. Stop weighing your legislative actions with scales of political opportunity. Senior citizens, children, business owners, teachers and workers are all hurting. The hurt straddles the political isle between Democrats and Republicans. Please stop pretending you have all the answers; neither side does. Our American Eagle has two wings, one left and one right. It cannot fly if either wing is injured. Our only hope comes through transparent understanding with insight from God and honesty toward each other.

If you love America, pray for America and learn to work with each other or we all will suffer the effects.

So where is God in all this? He is heartbroken and waiting for us to humbly seek forgiveness. He will be anxious to restore America and heal our land if we truly repent.

The choice is ours!


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