True to the end



“Fellas, I need 11,000 votes. Give me a break … and there’s nothing wrong with saying, you know, um, that you’ve recalculated.”

So went the gist of the Jan. 2, 2021, hour-long phone bomb from our President to Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensberger.

What a perfect summation of Trump’s “let’s-pretend-I’m-president” venture.

It began with the exaggerated size of his inaugural crowd, and ends with ever more injustices heaped upon our King Lear of American presidents.

The blatant expectation of illegal compromise, the threats to state officials, the endless crusade for obeissance … the whole mindlessness of a half-decade distilled into an hour’s unhinged, conspiritorial meanderings.

On tape. With attorneys.

Since last month’s resounding 7 million vote defeat and Electoral College embarrassment, Trump has been living in the same basement he accused Biden of inhabiting! Radio silence.

The untamed COVID-19 killing machine, the outrageously inept vaccine rollout, brazen discussion of secession, the last-minute budget and defense spending blowup? Crickets.

His own attorneys openly pondering the deaths of National Security official Kris Krebs (“drawn and quartered”) and VP Pence (“firing squad”), the “defection” of his Attorney General, abject repudiation by the Supreme Court and more than 60 other state and regional jurisdictions? Crickets, again.

Nothing matters now but Trump’s futile preservation of power and the grift to which he still feels entitled (see “Trump Defense Fund”).

And the mindless minions see no problem here.

With even Fox News conceding there would be no second Trump term, it seemed like the end. But there is no bottom to the Trump barrel of fertilizer.

No amount of counselling by “friends,” no second or third recounts all telling the same story, not even his beloved Melania declaring herself all packed up and leaving seemed to matter.

It’s that darn “Sleepy Joe” who was able to pull off the most complex, multi-tiered “steal” of all time! And President “I-Know-More-Than-the-Generals” apparently never saw it coming. Likely because it’s hard to see something that never existed.

I had the opportunity to visit Egypt years ago.

The entombment process of the pharoahs fascinated me, sealed away with their riches and family and servants, never to be seen again.

Tombs of gold, walls graced with the most incredible artwork and hieroglyphics … all lost for eternity.

What is happening here and now denies this beauty. Trump’s contemptuous legacy is likewise about to be sealed and lost to the ages.

And rightly, history also will entomb his enablers and mendicants, the “next-generation Trump wannabes,” in the same rancid pyramid.

Willing wingmen whose reputations will be buried alongside their preposterously vain and reckless deity include the craven likes Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley, Devin Nunes and Jim Jordan; the certifiable Louie Gommert; Luny Rudy; General Flynn, Pillow Guy Lindell, and the holy trinity of Limbaugh, Hannity and Levin — all self-proclaimed patriots, all hucksters of (but not advocates for) the common American.

These are voices no one will miss.

They are “patriots” in the same hypocritical vein that Trump was President: self above country, ratings above rationality and enrichment above all.

Perhaps the real tragedy here is that, likely, some of these folks were smart enough to know better.

Trump never did, and never will.

Let the short farewell begin.


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