Trump’s presidency


Spring Hill

I have never been so disgusted with an administration of the Office of the President as I have with Trump’s Administration. Never in my life have I ever thought I would see a sitting president promote such violence, but he has for the last four years. But the kicker is this last one, an attack on our very Democracy in the most violent and disgraceful manner as to promote an insurrection on our center of government.

All in the name of Trump for his own selfish desire to remain in power.

His lies have angered me over the past years but this time his lies created something I thought I would never see in my lifetime. He cost five innocent people their lives. I also condemn the Republican Congress people who abetted him in his lies. They may not have been holding a gun but they sure are responsible for helping to pull the trigger.

What disgusts me, too, is the number of people who still support him. How can any normal, intelligent person with half a brain still defend his lies and actions? Are they that brainwashed? How can you justify him pushing those rioters to the Capitol, even saying he would lead them, and still respect him?

He’s a coward as he went back to the White House to watch his evil doings on TV. You can be assured he was in his glory sitting there watching what he had created. That is until it went to far.

But even then, Vice President Mike Pence had to be the one to call out the National Guard. He then proceeds to go on TV to tell them “go home” but no mention of what they were doing was an act of terrorism against the country. They were good people and he “loved” them. Only after he was coerced to condemn their actions did he finally concede.

In my opinion, of which I am sure a few will disagree, he must be removed from office, as well as those who backed and supported his attempt at overthrowing our Democracy.

He should never be allowed to run for elected office ever again. Not even dog catcher.

He, his abetters and the rioters should all be brought up on treason and thrown into jail.

From the very beginning, when he and others were calling Hillary “Crooked Hillary” and yelling, “Lock her up,” I stated “just wait.” All of his crookedness, lies, bigotry, etc. would come to light.

Boy did he ever prove me right. Now it is our time to say these words. “Crooked Trump” and “Lock him up.”

He has thrown all of his supporters under the bus.

He has done it to those he sent to the Capitol and many are fuming about it. They learned the hard way who he is and should now pay the price.

He should be jailed as well. I can’t repeat that enough. It is the only outcome that is righr and just.


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