Were Keller and Thompson legally elected?



In early January, eight GOP members of Congress from Pennsylvania, including Fred Keller and G.T. Thompson announced they would “vote against the certification of Pennsylvania’s electors on Jan. 6.” They did not just challenge the Biden win.

They threw the entire statewide election process into question.

As they put it: “The Pennsylvania election could be summed up as a free-for-all with no oversight and different standards applied throughout the Commonwealth.”

Their objections to the entire process obviously raises another question: “How could any congressional Republican-elect who claims there was fraud or other voter irregularities in their own states be sworn into the new Congress?

Through their objections, they have effectively told us their own election was likely illegitimate.”

Which raises another question: Are they still receiving their congressional pay and benefits? After all, what’s good for the donkey is good for the elephant.


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