‘World Relief’ (fact checker)



In response to the letter to the editor by Tim Yoho using Snopes.com “fake checks,” who fact checks the fact checkers? Judging by the overwhelming party shift from blue to red in Clinton County, people here live in reality and don’t care about liberal fact-checking sites.

Pelosi and Schumer gambled with people lives and got their democratic “wish list” in the stimulus spending bill. The fact is COVID-19 relief should have been a standalone bill!

Pelosi and Schumer forced the COVID-19 relief into a spending bill for more money for the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts and getting law-biding, hard-working people in Clinton County pay for all the Democratic-run cities that burned over the summer of “peaceful protest.” Clinton County voters are now “Woke” that the Democratic Party is no longer the party that cares about the middle class or its values.

Residents of Clinton County have nothing in common with the Nancy, Chuck, and other liberal elitists with big-city mentalities.

You were right, Mr. Yoho that the COVID relief was in a spending bill, but does that “Fact Check” answer the question of why was it? It was delayed by Nancy and Chuck, while people out of work and small businesses suffered, because they acted like a pouty child until they got what they wanted. Ask Snoopy why the COVID-19 relief bill wasn’t a stand-alone piece of legislation. Fact check sites only give you a fraction of the truth.

The 1.4 billion for Asia Reassurance is no longer needed with Biden president and that Democratic Congressmen “comrade” Swalwell had relations with a Chinese spy, yet he is still on the Intelligence Committee, They know all our secrets. This is very telling the direction this country is going in the next few years.

God Bless the people who voted for socialism.


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