A real patriot of America’s first Civil War



George B. McClellan was fired in 1862 by President Lincoln after two unsuccessful campaigns as commanding general of the Army of the Potomac, despite being the most popular Union officer among the troops.

Ensuing farewell ceremonies at Warrenton, Virginia suburb of Washington, D.C,. became an angry rally of soldiers shouting: “Lead us to Washington, general, we will follow you!”

Author Shelby Foote describes, in his Civil War narrative, what happened then: “One defiant motion from McClellan would have been a signal for a revolt … the consequences no man could measure.”

To his credit, Little Mac, said: NO! Adding: “We will ever be comrades in supporting the constitution of our country. Stand by General Burnside as you have me, and all will be well.”

The Jan. 6 Washington insurrection, initiated by our President of the United States, may have started America’s second Civil War if his enablers continue to grandstand, lie and not accept reality or compromise.

Our democracy, as we found out, is very fragile requiring eternal vigilance and real patriots.

Ex-Gov. Tom Ridge is quoted in a September 2020 news article: “Donald Trump has proven …. he is incapable of …. leadership. Our country has paid dearly in lives lost, social unrest, economic hardship and our standing in the world.”

State Sen. Gene Yaw set the record straight on the 2020 election in his news comments of December 2020. “Talking about fraud and irregularities is easy.

Providing facts under oath in a court … is a difficult challenge but that is what our rule of law requires. That is what keeps our country civilized.”


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