Everyday people deserve better


State College

I’ve been thinking lately about the integrity and bravery of everyday people compared to most Republican senators.

Everyday people often leave their jobs rather than stay in unethical or undignified positions.

Everyday people often dread getting called for jury duty, yet they solemnly discharge their duties by listening to the case impartially and deliberating in good faith.

Everyday Americans take their roles as jurors seriously; Republican senators like Josh Hawley and Lindsay Graham do not.

Everyday people, like the Capitol and Metro Police, sacrificed their lives and bodies to defend our republic. Yet, 44 Republican senators, saved from the mob by those everyday people, voted that this impeachment trial is unconstitutional, despite having no basis in precedent, scholarship, or the Constitution’s text itself.

Everyday people fought to uphold our Constitution — and then Republican senators threw that sacrifice away by willfully misinterpreting it.

Forty-four everyday people on Flight 93 protected our Capitol by rushing the cockpit of the 9/11 hijackers and crashing the plane.

Those 44 everyday people were far braver and patriotic than those 44 GOP senators sworn to defend the Constitution and the nation against its enemies, both foreign and domestic.

Everyday people are braver and care more about our nation’s cherished principles than most Republican senators who place ambition above all else. They risk our democracy, wallow in dishonesty, and fan the flames of discord.

And everyday people deserve better.


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