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I must confess I have never been much of a fan of “Reality TV” programs. Whether it be Survivor, Bachelor, Snooky’s Jersey Shore or most any other you could name. I acknowledge that reality TV has gained a foothold among American viewers; I simply am not one of them. For me, reality does not include dozens of studio lights or cameramen following my family around for days on end to capture our interactions.

For me, reality is engaging the ordinary, thankless common tasks that face us daily. I watched extensive coverage of the Senate’s Trump impeachment trial this past week. From what I have seen the trial appeared to be closer to reality TV than reality.

I start with the obvious framework that our Constitution demands a U.S. Supreme Court justice preside over the trial. Instead, we had Democratic U.S. Sen. Patrick Leahy presiding. This case came to the Senate from Democrat majority House of Representatives without any investigation or disclosure of evidence to President Trump’s defense team.

The official charge was “Inciting an Insurrection.” What exactly is an insurrection and how can one incite one? Those terms were only be defined by the Democrat leadership in a case-by-case basis. In my opinion, these same people often used similar and far more inflammatory language over the past four years than President Trump ever spoke. The video and photographic evidence the prosecution presented was edited or otherwise doctored. To better understand what is going on, we first need to understand that what we think does not matter.

What is fair and unbiased does not matter and further what really happened at the Capital on Jan. 6 does not matter. All that matters to the Democrat leadership is that Donald J. Trump never be allowed again to seek public office. Is it because they believe that is what is in America’s best interest?

Or is it more likely they fear his knowledge of their gross misdeeds involving foreign nationals’ support of their campaigns and large kickbacks for favored policy actions?

While America is perplexed, China is smiling and reaping the benefits of the Democrats’ undoing of the pro-American agenda that Trump enacted. Had this been a conventional trial in a court, I believe their manufactured evidence would have landed them in contempt of court or possibly prison. Of course, this will not happen as I remind you Democrats sat as both judge and jury in this reality TV, made-for-public-consumption dramatic presentation.

Americans, ask yourself, “What is really going on here?”

When you come to your conclusion, I remind you that you may change your party affiliation from Democrat to Republican either online or in person at the following locations:


Clinton County Voter Registration

2 Piper Way, Suite 309

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