King of debt


State College

Why is it deficits only matter to Republicans when there’s a Democrat in the White House?

That great fiscal conservative Ronald Reagan doubled the deficit while claiming that government is the problem. Some 20 years later, Vice President Dick Cheney spoke truth saying, “Reagan taught us deficits don’t matter.”

Obviously, they don’t matter to Republicans, because the first thing Trump did, with overwhelming support from all Republicans in Congress, was to increase the deficit to the highest it has ever been by instituting tax cuts that benefitted mostly rich people and corporations. Republicans claimed the tax cut would pay for itself and there would be a trickle-down effect that would help the poor and middle class.

Unsurprisingly, this proved false as the deficit increased to $27 trillion, up 36% in less than four years under Donald “King of Debt” Trump.

This trickle-down theory has been discredited repeatedly, yet Republicans keep running it up the flagpole.

Yes, President Biden’s pandemic spending bill may further increase the deficit, but suddenly Republicans have “rediscovered” the “danger” of deficits.

The same Republicans who supported massive budget deficits under Trump now object to providing help to people being evicted from their apartments, losing their jobs, or having trouble feeding their families.

Of course, U.S. Rep. Glenn Thompson voted for the Trump deficit increase, but now joins with Republicans who say the Biden plan will unnecessarily increase the federal deficit. Under people like Trump and Thompson the Republican Party has become a party of shallow hypocrites.


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