We have about a month of a Joe Biden presidency and he has signed an unprecedented 52 executive orders and counting.

I say many of his orders do not benefit the middle class and hard working Americans and instead help illegals and other nations. But the “state run” media and Congress keep running a good cover with a taxpayer-wasting impeachment trial, while all along they are quietly pushing a progressive agenda through with 52 EO’s and counting.

It is interesting that Biden talks about science, but ignores the biology portion of it when it comes to males who become transgender and compete in female sports, or the Keystone pipeline, which I believe has less environmental impact than what’s being reported. Not near the amount of pollution over the years that trains, trucks and ships are producing to transport oil to the Gulf Coast.

What kind of president would sign an EO against lower drug costs for Americans?

In my opinion, Biden froze one of Trump’s EO’s so he could review it or check to see if Hunter has stock in pharmaceutical companies, or so he could take credit.

One of the greatest presidents in history once said, “If fascism ever comes to America… it will come in the name of liberalism.” — Ronald Reagan.


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