Another power grab?


Centre Hall

Sen. Jake Corman wants you to vote for his Constitutional Amendments on your primary election ballot.

He told the Centre Daily Times newspaper he is upset that the words used to explain those proposals to voters are “prejudicial.”

How dare the Department of State use plain English to word the legally required “plain English” explanation of what the Amendments do!

I suggest to him that it could have been worse. Here is the draft language I would have submitted:

“The Republican Legislature is still mad that the Democratic Governor implemented shut downs to try to save us from COVID in the early days of the pandemic. To get even, they want to strip him and all future governors of the power to react to public health emergencies. Never mind that the Dept. of Health is an Executive Department, not Legislative. The Legislature would declare emergencies by simple majority vote, making disasters entirely political. If you wish to assist the Republican controlled Legislature in this power grab, vote yes to these Amendments.”

The party of alternative facts is hoping you will ignore the current ineffective status of the Legislature they took over a decade ago with an infamous gerrymander.

Rep. Kerry Benninghoff argued last week in an editorial that the economic problems of the Commonwealth will be solved entirely by passage of these Amendments–although he neglects to explain how.

Perhaps we should ask them to do something constructive with the powers they already have before we give them more?


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