Corman, Benninghoff help keep the big lie alive


State College

On Feb. 19, WPSU’s “Take Note” aired an interview with state Sen. Jake Corman, R-34th, and state Rep. Kerry Benninghoff, R-171st. You can find it online at https://radio.wpsu.org/post/take-note-pennsylvania-senator-corman-and-rep-benninghoff-judicial-races-covid-19-and-more.

Some answers they gave to questions about last fall’s election, and what lies ahead for Pennsylvania voting, should not go unchallenged.

Corman said, “There are hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of Pennsylvanians who don’t believe the election came off fairly.”



Sen. Corman, do YOU believe the election came off fairly?

After discussing the current Senate Select Committee to review the 2020 elections, Corman said, “We need to reach out to other states and find out what they do that can improve the Pennsylvania voting system. We need to find the best practices from other states.”

Sen. Corman, a slew of recent Centre Daily Times newspaper letters pointed out how well vote-by-mail systems work in Colorado and Oregon.

Do you plan to reach out to those states, plus Republican-leaning states that use no-excuse mail-in ballots?

In discussing other states, Corman said, “Florida is the ‘gold standard’ on how to run an election.”

Yes, Florida successfully used mail-in ballots and early voting.

Sen. Corman, why can’t Pennsylvania expand vote-by-mail, and why not expand early voting?

When asked directly if they would say there was not massive voter fraud in Pennsylvania, and that Joe Biden was the fairly elected president, both hedged.

Corman said, “I think obviously Joe Biden’s our president. I accept and support that now he’s our president.”

Benninghoff said, “I accept the results at this point.”

It was a very disappointing performance.


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