Government performance



A week or two ago, this paper editorialized about government and its proper role.

We have examples of government’s fine hand now, with second vaccine shots given in Pennsylvania before the first, and thousands of COVID-caused deaths hidden in New York. Gov. Cuomo ought to put a bullet in a pistol, walk behind his mansion, and do the right thing.

And let’s not forget the Texas wind turbines. All need electricity to keep generators and other machinery in the towers from freezing. Wind-generated power is expensive and heavily funded by federal and state subsidies. And in a calm, nothing.

Feb. 25, 2021, the Wall Street Journal stated that Texans paid $28 billion more over twenty years for their deregulated brand of electricity. Yep, the WSJ analysis showed how expensive “low cost” wind and solar can be. Yes, $28 billion.

All the above is foisted on us by the “ists” including 12-hour (maximum) daily DC solar enthusiasts. You’ve got to convert that to AC to power the grid. Notice that they never tell us the losses, the real output of intermittent wind or solar.

Socialists, fascists, communists, all the trending “ists” are telling us, “Listen to us, we have the answers.” Many more such answers and we’ll all die in re-educating camps they propose or freeze to death in our homes.

They are top downers (that’s the real problem), and they tell us they have the answers. They do not show us. They try to direct something too big for them. When they’re caught, they ignore their messes or sift the blame to us dummies. They follow the newest fad.

That learned climatologist Ocasio-Cortez tells us the Texas disaster proves that we need more wind turbines, not fewer. More to freeze will solve the problem? God help us, with such “policy makers.”


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