The walls at the Capitol are a result of Trumpism


White Hall

Recently, a lady named Mabel Moyer stated in her letter to the editor that President Biden has made the Capitol “look like a prison.”

Didn’t she watch on Jan. 6 when a mob of Trump followers attempted to over throw the government by an insurrection of the Capitol?

Didn’t she see hundreds if not thousands of Trump followers charge the Capitol and break in and destroy offices and statues?

If not for their childish behavior and Trump and his fellow Republicans spouting his rhetoric, walls would not be needed at this time.

She should tell her fellow Republicans who are radicalized to not act like children and there would be no need for walls around the Capitol. People like her only see one side of things.

She doesn’t look for the reasons behind decisions, she only sees a reason to complain.

As Trump described people like her, they are his “under-educated followers” and he loved all of them. He used their ignorance for his own personal gain and agenda.


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