Who does HR1 really help?


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As I read about HR1, I have to wonder who is really going to be helped by this bill. How much will it cost the American people?

The name of the bill is “For the People Act,” but Mitch McConnell is calling it “Democrat Politician Protection Act.” Hearing that I started to look at the bill closer.

The bill seeks to expand early voting.

Why? The American people have been voting since 1788, we have always been able to get it done in a day.

So why do we need early voting now?

I understand that we have more people now than we did in 1788, but we also have more polling places and more technology to handle that.

This bill will also enable people to have lost voter privileges due to felony convictions, have their privileges restored. This would give same day voter registration.

Same day voter registration would help illegal immigrants be registered without question. I can see where this would help the Democrats, but I’m having trouble seeing how this helps Republicans.

This bill would also turn election day into a federal holiday. Why would federal employees need a holiday for the election day? The money to pay for federal employees to have another holiday comes from tax money.

If you still like HR1, then check this out.

There will be a governmental match for campaign donations. The government will do a 6 to 1 match of campaign contributions.

You can detest a candidate, but you will fund them with your tax dollars. The government will dictate who we will fund that is running for office.

I agree with Nancy Pelosi when she says, “yes, this is a power grab.” It’s a power grab for the Democratic party.

As for requiring the president and vice president to disclose 10 years of tax returns, it makes no sense to me. As Americans we file taxes with the IRS. Why not let the IRS worry about the tax issues?


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