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President Biden designated Vice President Kamala Harris to be his administration’s envoy to oversee the mass illegal immigration crisis at the southern border after he was sworn into office. What has she done to get first-hand information on the problem? As I write today, absolutely nothing!

She apparently wants to distance herself from any problem she knows can’t be resolved to the satisfaction of the American people. It makes me wonder what was Biden thinking when he asked her to become his running mate? She was one of the first candidates to drop out of the presidential primaries running up to the 2020 election, suggesting to me that Democratic voters had no interest in her either.

What I am seeing when it comes to Harris is that she is just biding her time, realizing full well she could make history as the first female president, should Biden fail to fulfill his term in office. It is speculated that Biden would never finish his presidential term due to age and/or mental capacity. If she worked in the private sector, ignoring the responsibility of following through with a directive from her superior, she woud have been fired by now.

In my opinion, Kamala Harris has no business being in the office of the vice president, or any public office for that matter. She is taking up space, doing nothing that could have been better filled by someone willing to do the job.


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