I don’t understand


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My wife gets tired of me saying, “I don’t understand this,” or “I don’t understand that.”

Most recently, I don’t understand why political parties just don’t do what is best for our country, the United Stated of America, or our state of Pennsylvania.

It is just a battle of blue against red. The red could have a plan to make this country the greatest it has ever been, and the blue would say it is the worst plan they have ever heard of and would for sure vote against it. The blue, in turn, could have come up with the exact same plan and the red would say it is the worst plan ever and would certainly vote against it.

It does not matter what is best for you or I as Americans and Pennsylvanians; it is all about being against the opposing party. Here in Pennsylvania, we have lotteries, we have legalized gambling, we have highway tolls, we have fees, we have taxes (lots and lots of taxes), and there is never enough funding to go around.

Now they want to raise our vehicle registration fees and add tolls to up nine bridges across the state to generate more revenue. You can bet your next paycheck (if you in fact have one) that Gov. Tom Wolf’s proposal to legalize the use of recreational marijuana will never get passed for the same reason mentioned above.

No matter how much revenue it would generate to help the state’s excessive spending, it will never get approved.

Why? Blue vs. Red. The blue says “Yes” and the red says “No.” I am sure that if it had been proposed by a red governor, the blue would be against it as well.

Some of our representatives would rather see our residents give their money to New Jersey or soon to be New York for their recreational needs. Sure would be nice to have politicians who cared about you and I as Americans and Pennsylvanians instead of the party they belong to or their own personal agenda.

Like I always say, “I don’t understand.”


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