Just 41 days a year


Lock Haven

Forty-one days is the number of days the Pennsylvania Senate will be in session in 2021.

The House has scheduled 69 days to be in session.

The House and Senate constitute the General Assembly.

This body has proposed two Constitutional Amendments to take away the governor’s power to deal with a disaster emergency and shift this power to the General Assembly.

How can the House and Senate — General Assembly — be in charge of emergency procedures being in session 41 days a year?

If these amendments pass, Pennsylvania residents will have no help from the state or federal government until the General Assembly takes action.

When will that be? Have you ever known a time that the General Assembly acted quickly?

Remember the 1972 flood? Roads and bridges were out, most of Pennsylvania was flooded, houses disappeared, people were homeless, etc. How could the Pennsylvania General Assembly — state Senate and House — meet and act quickly in such a disaster?

For complete information about these proposed amendments go to www.dos.pa.gov/VotingElections/Pages/Joint-Resolution-2021-1.aspx

Vote “No” on ballot questions:

5 Proposed Constitutional Amendment – Article III, Section 9, and

5 Proposed Constitutional Amendment -Article IV.


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