Thank You!


Jersey Shore

On behalf of the Jersey Shore Public Library Board, we would like to thank the very generous members of the community who stepped up and donated for us to replace the roof on our building.

We had received $6,000 in donations toward this project, and then we began a “Raise the Roof” project.

Our staff put envelopes with various dollar amounts written on them on a bulletin board, and patrons selected an envelope and filled it with the amount written on it. Our goal was to get another $6,000 in donations.

We have received, to date, $7,339.25!

With the funds in our building fund, we will be able to replace our old, worn roof with a new metal roof.

Thank you so much to our patrons and all in the community who support us.

(Melanie McLane is Corresponding secretary of the Jersey Shore Area Public Library.)


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