There’s no substitute for an in-person town hall


State College

A special thank you to State Rep. Scott Conklin for promising to hold open town hall meetings when the pandemic lifts and it is safe to do so. All state and national representatives should promise to do the same. There is no substitute for live, open-to-the-public town hall meetings. Politicians who try to tell you their online or Zoom events are the same thing are fully aware of this.

Politicians who are proud of their views and votes should be eager to meet in open forums for face-to-face discussions with their constituents. Legislators not so proud of their records might present “creative” reasons why they can’t or won’t do this. It should be a requirement for anyone who wants to represent us in Harrisburg or Washington to promise to hold real town hall meetings. Voters need to take notice and deny their vote to those who won’t. Scott Conklin made his promise. Will Congressmen Glenn Thompson and Fred Keller, along with State Sen. Jake Corman and State Rep. Kerry Benninghoff now do the same?


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