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Beech Creek

Would you trust a group of 253 politicians to act quickly?

When lives are at stake, will there be time for the Pennsylvania General Assembly to call a meeting, have political debates and maybe take action?

Have you ever seen our General Assembly act quickly?

Two of the questions on the May 19 Primary Election ballot would permanently change the Pennsylvania Constitution.

They would skew the balance of power from the governor to the General Assembly.

These 50 state senators and 203 state House members are scheduled to meet 41 days of the year in the Senate in 2021 and 69 days in the House in 2021.

What if a disaster strikes when they aren’t in session? It takes time to convene these legislators.

Our forbearers set up a balance and separation of power among the Legislative, Executive and Judicial parts of our state government.

The governor has had the power to declare and act on a disaster emergency.

The Governor and his team can act quickly.

These proposed amendments would take the power to act on a disaster emergency away from the Governor (executive branch) and put this power in the General Assembly (legislative branch) and then allow any disaster emergency to automatically expire in 21 days.

Vote “No” on ballot questions:

5 Proposed Constitutional Amendment – Article III, Section 9, and

5 Proposed Constitutional Amendment -Article IV.


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